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【桃花城广播站】冠状病毒:Ladner兄弟演绎留守之歌 Coronavirus:Ladner brothers get the word out with Stay Home song

Dave Willis / Delta Optimist

MARCH 17, 2020 05:05 PM

三个加住Ladner的兄弟通过他们的歌曲《Stay Home待在家里》来表达在冠状病毒大流行期间的自我隔离。13岁的托比·科福德和他10岁的弟弟芬恩以及7岁的罗里星期一创作并演唱了这首歌。


Three Ladner brothers are getting the word out about self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic with their song Stay Home.

Toby Kofoed, 13 and his brothers Finn, 10, and Rory, 7, wrote and performed the song Monday. The video has over 500 views on YouTube.

“We wrote this song as a friendly message to help stop the spread of Covid-19,” it states in the video’s description. “Please stay home, everyone!”

The brothers are students of Garth Preston at the Delta Community Music School, notes their mom Tracey in an email to the Optimist.

Toby plays the banjo at the Ladner Village Market, Finn takes voice lessons from Ladner musician Schara Chalmers, and is playing the part of the Dodo Bird in the  upcoming (but now postponed) Alice in Wonderland production by Studio West, while Rory plays the banjolele as well as the piano.

“The video has been making its rounds and is being shared more and more, so it’s great that the message is getting out! We need to slow down the spread of this virus to give our healthcare facilities a chance of being able to help everyone who needs it,” Tracey said in her message to the Optimist.

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