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【桃花城广播站】Delta Declares a Local State of Emergency三角洲市进入紧急状态

2020年3月19日,卑诗省应急管理局(卑诗省政府)批准了市长乔治·哈维(George V.Harvie)宣布三角洲地区进入地方紧急状态的请求。这一举措立即生效,使哈维市长能够采取行动,支持省卫生官员的口头命令,限制公众集会,实行社会距离。

Delta MLA Ravi Khalon对促进该市保护社区的努力非常有帮助,特别是努力使Delta的当地紧急状态请求如此迅速得到批准。在当地紧急状态下,该市正在对拒绝遵守省卫生厅指示的企业立即采取行动,包括关闭企业和吊销营业执照。该市正努力支持绝大多数遵循省卫生官员指示的三角洲企业,并理解限制COVID-19传播的重要性,但将对不保护公共卫生的企业采取行动。“对于我们社区的居民和企业来说,这是一个充满挑战的时代。通过宣布当地进入紧急状态,我们还有能力保护社区。我已经要求我们的规章制度部门强制关闭一些不遵循我们省卫生官员Bonnie Henry博士指示的企业。我继续与所有议会、工作人员和政府高级官员合作,保护这个社区免受COVID-19的影响。”—市长乔治·V·哈维请访问该市的冠状病毒网页(,了解该市对COVID-19的反应,以及该市继续提供的服务信息提供。有关此新闻稿的更多信息,请致电604-946-3210联系市长哈维,或发送电子邮件至

原文链接: On March 19, 2020, Emergency Management BC (BC Provincial Government) approved Mayor George V. Harvie’s request to declare a Local State of Emergency in Delta. Effective immediately, this enables Mayor Harvie to take actions to support the Provincial Health Officer’s verbal order to limit public gatherings and practice social distancing.

Delta MLA Ravi Khalon has been extremely helpful in facilitating the City’s efforts to protect the community, particularly working hard to have Delta’s Local State of Emergency request approved so quickly.

Under the Local State of Emergency, the City is taking immediate actions against businesses that refuse to abide by the Provincial Health Officer’s directions, including closing the business and suspending the business licence. The City is working hard to support the vast majority of Delta businesses that are following the Provincial Health Officer’s directions and understand the importance of limiting the spread of COVID-19, but action will be taken against businesses that are not protecting public health.

“These are challenging times for residents and businesses in our community. By declaring a Local State of Emergency, we have additional abilities to protect the community. I have asked our Bylaws department to enforce closures on some businesses that are not following the direction of our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. I continue to work with all of Council, staff, and senior government officials to protect this community from the impact of COVID-19.”       - Mayor George V. Harvie

Please visit the City's Coronavirus webpage ( for updates about the City's response to COVID-19, as well as information on services that the City is continuing to provide.

For more information on this news release, contact Mayor Harvie at 604-946-3210 or e-mail

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